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All living organisms have ways of meeting the challenges of their environment, but some animals have wildly interesting adaptations, like the one discussed in this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e02keFYEWeUDiscuss your reaction to the video, what did you think about the way termites acquire the way to digest food? Can you think of a similar adaptation/process in humans?Think about or look for an interesting animal adaptation (note: animals include humans). Discuss the current theory on the evolution of that particular feature in a brief paragraph (150-200 words) and provide a link to your source(s). Please keep in mind that you need to discuss the evolution of the feature, rather than simply listing interesting facts about the feature.For example, you can find articles by searching throughGoogle Scholar (Links to an external site.),PubMed (Links to an external site.),Scientific American (Links to an external site.), andNational Geographic (Links to an external site.).

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