Discussion Question (IRAC Methodology)

Address the following scenario and prepare a legal analysis using the IRAC methodology:

Mr. Patrick Billups is a high school history teacher who believes that his students should “relive” historical events so as to make the most profound impression on his students.

From the information that follows, in IRAC format, prepare and submit an APA compliant paper in which you discuss the  implications of Billups’ conduct as it relates to the material we have studied so far. 

In your  IRAC analysis you need to consider the following:

a. Whether there has been a possible violation of the student’s Constitutional rights? If so, be specific as to the actual provisions of the Constitution which may have been violated.

b. Whether there has been any tort offenses committed? If so define and list.

c. Against whom may the student/parents file an action in order to achieve a deep pockets recovery?

 The events to be used in your IRAC methodology analysis include the following:

Mr. Patrick Billups, 9th Grade History


Mr. Billups has always enjoyed American history. As a child, he liked to visit museum and wax works that recreated historical events, and he now participates in re-enactments of various battles of the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Mr. Billups wants his students to like history the same way he likes It. So every event in history, is in some way dramatized in his classroom. His students enjoy coming to class, and end of unit evaluations demonstrate that his students are learning. Students often research various people in history and role-play their contributions to the developing country. 
When Mr. Billups taught the Civil War, ten students in each class were treated as slaves in the way they would have been treated in history. To illustrate internment camps during World War II, Mr Billups built a wire cage in his classroom and required that several students report to him first thing in the morning and stand in the cage for an entire day.

Of course, this meant that the students missed all of their other classes for that day.


Notes to and from parents to Mr Billups:

Dear Mr. Billups,

My daughter Li has hardly eaten anything for the past 2 days, and when I speak to her, she has tears in her eyes. She said that something happened in your class, but was either too frightened or too embarrassed to say. I would like Li to understand American history so that she can be proud of her new country. Will you tell me what happened in class?


Li’s father


To the parent of Li:

Nothing happened in class. We are studying World War II and the reaction of Americans to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. To help my students understand this, I put all of my foreign born students in a cage for the day. Then we talked about the feelings on both sides. I like to help my students relive history this way.

Mr Billups


Dear Mr. Billups

We are a proud, honorable family. You have dishonored my Daughter. Now I understand why she would not speak of this.

I will talk to the school principal about this. I will ask that Li be placed in a history class with a more sensitive teacher.

Li’s father


In IRAC Methodology format: Prepare and submit a paper that adequately concerns the concerns of each party to this scenario. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including an APA compliant cover sheet and a Certificate of Originality


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