Eco paper writing -01

Writing instruction and requirement:

Assume that you are hired as an economic consultant of the current president. Investigate the GDP Growth, Unemployment, Price Level and National Debt during the last 10 years. Research the economic approach of the new administration regarding GDP Growth, unemployment and price stability and expected fiscal and monetary policies to achieve the projected goals. Propose short-term and long-term economic plans based on the concepts you learned in this class. You can focus your research topic on one of the following variables. Unemployment, inflation, taxation and government regulations, national debt, immigration and foreign policies and its relationship to sustained economic growth.

(1) This paper should be based on at least four (4) weekly topics (see below weekly topics)or concepts discussed during this class. Please add graphs and charts to support your concepts and ideas

(2) There should be at least four research sources other than the textbooks

(3) Assignment must be a minimum of four complete pages excluding cover page and reference page.

(4) Add your research data and graphs to support your arguments.

(5) Conclude your paper with moral, ethical and social responsibility insights along with the key economic inputs.

(6) Paper should be in APA format. Please do not forget to conform to the guidelines above, and those stipulated within the rubric found in TaskStream. It is recommended to write this assignment in MS Word® document using the appropriate APA style, Times New Roman font, 12-point pitch, double- spaced with one-inch margins all around, paginated, and include citations and a reference page. Utilize the file naming convention as described on page 4 of the syllabus.

Weekly Topics:

• Chapter 2. Choice, Opportunity Costs and Specialization

• Chapter 3. Markets, Demand and Supply, and the Price System

Chapter 4. The Market System and the Private and Public Sector

Chapter 6. An Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Market and the Balance of Payments

Chapter 7. Unemployment and Inflation

Chapter 8. Macroeconomic Equilibrium: Aggregate Demand and Supply

• Chapter 9. Aggregate Expenditures

Chapter 10. Income and Expenditures Equilibrium

• Chapter 11. Fiscal Policy

Chapter 12. Money and Banking

• Chapter 13. Monetary Policy

Chapter 14. Macroeconomic Policy: Tradeoffs, Expectations, Credibility and Sources of Business Cycles •

Chapter 15. Macroeconomic Viewpoints: New Keynesian, Monetarist and New Classical Attend • Keynesian Economics

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