EED364 Grand Canyon University Technology in the classroom Presentation

Write Formative and Summative Assssments for WAX Museum for this assignment.

You will use the last assignment you did for me. Let me know if I need to upload it.

We will use the same standards for social studies and art we used in the last ome you —-Let me know if I need to attach it for you. I have four assessments that are very simple because they are just a check for understanding example a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down. will give you three more and also give you summative to choose from it will include multiple choice and written responses. I will also attach a sample of a assignment for this tast as a guide. I am looking fo a rubric wyou wii just have ti change some if the verbiage.

Creating formative and summative assessments for your assignments is an essential part of guiding instruction for learning. Not only are assessments ensuring that learning is taking place, they are checking for mastery of skills taught.

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