Effective Leadership Practices, business and finance assignment help

Write a 4–6-page analysis of a leader you researched thoroughly.

Choose a business leader, political leader, author, scientist, sports personality, or any public figure about whom there is enough information publicly available for you to fulfill the requirements of this assessment.

Focus your research on how the leader demonstrates exemplary leadership as identified below:

  • What is the leader’s definition of leadership?
  • How does the leader model leadership?
  • How does the leader inspire a shared vision in those around him or her?
  • How does the leader look for new opportunities that may require experimenting or taking risks?
  • How does the leader enable or empower others to act?
  • How does the leader recognize the contributions made by others?
  • How does the leader create a spirit of community?
  • In what ways does the leader get personally involved?
  • What challenges and opportunities does the leader face?

Once you have completed your research, complete this assessment as instructed below.

In your assessment, address the following:

  • Explain why you chose your selected leader.
  • Provide background information on the environment and culture of the organization in which the leader provides leadership.
  • Analyze how the leader models leadership.
  • Analyze how the leader inspires a shared vision.
  • Analyze how the leader looks for new opportunities that may require experimenting or taking risks.
  • Analyze how the leader enables or empowers others to act.
  • Analyze how the leader recognizes the contributions made by others.
  • Analyze how the leader creates a spirit of community.
  • Analyze how the leader reflects their definition of leadership.
  • Evaluate the leadership style, characteristics, or themes of the leader in relation to the purpose and relevance of leadership. In other words, how well does your leader demonstrate effective leadership?

Format your assessment according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting guidelines, including a title page as well as a references page with APA-formatted citations. Include references from at least two scholarly sources. Your completed assessment should be 4–6 pages in length (page count excluding the title page and references).

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