Emmanuel College Employee Benefit Practices & Employee Productivity Report

Students will research a current human resource topic (with the instructor approval) that is

relevant to them in their workplace or profession. The project should examine a human resource issue

that has been problematic and offer a current or potential solution. The paper should be prepared as if

it was an internal consulting report to be presented to the organization’s decision makers. The paper

should include: Introduction, Statement of Issue with stakeholders impacted, Related Research

Possible Alternatives/Solutions, Ethical Implications, Recommendation(s), and Global Relevancy (if it is

the case and if not, then state that). Students may want to rename the organization and individuals for

confidentiality purposes. The paper should be double spaced, 12 pt. font, in APA style, with 1-inch

margins and with at least five scholarly (peer-reviewed) references. The paper should be at least five

pages total, not including title page or reference page. Students are also required to include an

Assignment Cover Sheet (see Appendix). See Embedded Rubric for Applied Paper for grading criteria.

Students will be asked to upload papers onto the Canvas website, which will include an automatic

submission to Turnitin. Please know that this paper must be written by you for this class and cannot

have any part of it written for another class and reused, without the express written approval of the

instructor. This work must be uniquely yours, with proper APA citations of others’ thoughts and ideas.

All research projects will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism results include in a zero for the

assignment with no opportunities for resubmission, at a minimum. Please feel free to utilize t

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