Emotion, Mood and Motivation, business and finance assignment help

500-700 Words

You have decided to join a professional online networking group to learn more about motivation and emotion in the workplace. The networking group you joined posts research-based papers from the members on the group’s Web site to help increase each other’s knowledge and identify ways to apply that knowledge. The networking group requires each member to prepare 1 research paper that includes key topics related to motivation and emotion. Your research paper will be posted online and shared widely with the other members.

The research paper will contain the following sections:

  • Overview of motivation and emotion
  • The biology of motivation
  • The psychology of motivation
  • External motivators
  • Goal setting
  • How does knowledge of emotion and mood help people understand and respond to human behaviors?
  • Application to the workplace
    • How knowledge of motivations and emotions helps people understand the unique nature of individuals and their particular drives and the needs and response to human behaviors in the workplace.

Your paper should be in APA format with a minimum of 4 scholarly sources.

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