Environmental 6

This week we are learning about climate change. Open the link to the IPCC report “Climate Change 2014” and read the “Summary for Decision Makers”.Then,  in your own words answer the following questions (do not copy and paste  things from the site… use your own words to answer the following  questions. It is okay if your English is not perfect, I do not mind, I  just prefer to see your own words and thoughts on the topic):What is this report about?What climate change vulnerabilities are identified for your region?Did they surprise you? Why or why not?Describe  (in your own words) three adaptation measures that have been proposed  for addressing global climate change in your region.In your opinion, which one is the most important? Why?Outline two steps you could take to lower your climate impact. Check the Union of Concerned Scientists for some ideas.Any materials cited should be referenced using the style guidelines established by the American Psychological Association (APA).300 words

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