Ethical Issues in The Media Articles Discussion

It should run no more than two pages. The goal is to get you reading, searching, and evaluating very real ethical issues in the media that might very well have an impact on you professionally.

Your challenge:

You are to identify—on your own—a real world ethical case that has communication implications. For example, a company produces a questionable ad or tweets something that misses the mark. Or the ethical mandates facing journalists covering a contentious or sensitive issue (and the ethical communication responsibilities of any individuals or organizations involved).

Suggested Format:

Background: Start with a short summary of the background so I’ll know the relevant details.

Values at play: Discussion of the values that are being reflected, violated, or debated.

Ethical Perspectives: Discussion of the various ways to look at this issue and/or the various individual perspectives being reflected in the debate.

Communication Implications / Mandates: Your analysis of the communication implications and mandates for various parties, and what you ultimately think various parties should do or say. If it is a case that has essentially concluded, then your take on what various parties did well, not so well, and what you would have done differently.

Grading Criteria

  1. Focus and Scope (Max 10 pts) – The writing squarely addresses an ethics issue with communication-related implications and provides all of the relevant background needed to understand the issue.
  2. Values (Max 25 pts) – Good discussion / list of values at play.
  3. Ethical discussion (Max 25 pts) – Extent to which you have really teased out the various perspectives… going beyond just the one(s) you agree with.
  4. Your take (Max 25 pts) – Depth of analysis regarding the communication implications, and the thoughtfulness of your suggestions.
  5. Writing Style and Mechanics (Max 15 pts)– The case is well written and mechanically correct (proper grammar, spelling, and format for citations).

(( Do the same as the attached case study example ))

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