evaluation plan for Cowboys Nightclub’s and Restaurants

All the assignments in this course build upon each other to help you complete an evaluation plan for Cowboys Nightclub’s and Restaurants which wishes to assess the effectiveness of their training and workplace learning initiatives.

◦Name of Business/Organization = Cowboys Nightclubs and Restaurants

◦Description of Business (Private owner of 7 different locations each in a different state in the united states where there is one general manager, a bar manager and a restaurant manager. The bar and restaurant managers report to the General manager who reports to the owner, Total number of employees in all locations including corporate offices is 425 employees, strategy, drivers, etc.)

◦Infrastructure available to support online delivery of assessments and evaluations. (Each location has a training room and all locations have internet access to implement training program)

◦Preferred online delivery method and tools (blended, strictly online, LMS, digital, mobile, and social technology tools, etc.).

Cite at least 2 credible sources APA Format. 2 pages Minimum

Again this is same company as from the first 8 articles you did for me so you can use parts from those papers. Anything typed in red above is basic info from me to held you makeup the rest

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