FC Physical Geography Concept Public Service Announcement Project

the final project, two pages long will be enough, could you please include some images and picture that came support your topic

Could you please make it looks like a poster, if not a ppt formate is also ok.

The link is some example.


Students are to apply what they have learned over the course of the quarter to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a physical geography concept, such as earthquakes, flooding, fires or responding to or adapting to climate change, soil depletion, acid rain, plate tectonics, hurricanes, etc…

I want you to tell me:

1. What your topic is

2. How it relates to Physical Geography, explain it in scientific terms

3. Who it is affecting?

4. When did this event start taking place or has it been occurring for a long period of time?

5. Where is this event happening? Is it happening on a global scale?

6. Why should we care?

7. What is being done for this cause? What solutions do you propose?

A reference page is required as part of this assignment.

Students will be given free rein as to the format of the PSA. Examples provided include videos, animations, Story Maps, or a poster with an infographic. See below link


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