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40. Good design is the intersection between _______________and __________________.

(Choose from: Logic, Planning, Inspiration, Intellect, Emotion, Symbolism, Luck)

41. How many times should you read the play for Script analysis? ________________

42. The mechanism that allows scenic pieces to be pushed on to the stage from the wings is called a____________ _____________.

43. The ___________ ______________ takes notes on the actor’s blocking.

44. One of the most important things in creating a soft covered flat is keeping the ________ tight so there are no wrinkles.

45. A Cross or Catch Stitch (pictured below) is used to ___________ a garment.

46. In the video assigned for this exam, what does Peter lose? _________________.

47. In the video assigned for this exam, there was a recurring mistake in sound effects, which causes the actor to say, “A cab.” What was that sound effect? __________________

48. What major mechanical device was used to change scenery in Peter Pan Goes Wrong?


49. On an ellipsoidal instrument, shutters are used to __________________________.

50. What is the symbol for the Center Line on a scenic floor plan? (Draw below)


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