Final Exam Total 4 pages This is an open-book essay exam. Although this is open-book, you must work.

Final Exam Total 4 pages
This is an open-book essay exam. Although this is open-book, you must work alone.
Select any two (2) questions and answer in essay format. You must include the question with
your answer. In other words, type or copy/paste the question, then answer it. For the next
question you choose, type or copy/paste the question, then answer it. Please cite appropriately
using APA.
Although the questions are topic/chapter specific to our textbook, you should include material
from other parts of the textbook. The majority of information must come from our text.
However, you can use ancillary sources to support the information you include from the text. If
you use ancillary sources, be sure to cite.
Although no maximum length is required, you must have a minimum of two full pages for each
answer, not including the question. It would be difficult to fully answer any of these questions in
fewer pages. Required Textbook: Joseph S. Wholey, Harry P. Hatry, and Kathryn E.
Newcomer, editors, Handbook of Practical ProgramEvaluation, Latest Edition(4th). San
Francisco CA: Jossey-Bass/Wiley Imprint.


1. A large city is revamping its public housing program. It has begun demolishing large, older,
outdut the city
where low-income housing is interspersed with more expensive housing units. The city is
provided a wide array of services to the families being relocated and would like to conduct an
evaluation to ascertain the effectiveness of the services and their delivery. Plan and outline the
steps you would take to conduct an evaluability assessment for this activity. Describe some of
the problems one might expect to encounter and approaches to overcoming these problems.
2.Camp Great Outdoors operates eleven summer camps in Georgia, North Carolina, and Maine.
The camps have three sessions over the summer that each last twenty-six days. During that time
campers participate in activities that include: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, rock
climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, water skiing, hiking, and spelunking (caving). With such
dangerous activities involving children ranging from seven to eighteen years of age, safety is a
primary concern of Camp Great Outdoors. Its motto is “Safety first, safety last, and safety inbetween.” In order to lower liability insurance and improve the less-than-desirable safety record
of the camp due to accidents that occurred last summer, Camp Great Outdoors is looking to
develop a performance monitoring system to track the reported injuries that result from its
activities. The directors of the camp desire to know a breakdown of the injuries by session,
severity, and activity. You have been hired to create a performance monitoring system for Great
Outdoors before the first summer session starts in three months. Describe how you might
develop a performance monitoring system that can pinpoint dangerous activities, thus lowering
liability insurance payments and increasing overall safety for the campers.
3.You have been asked by Homes Against Homelessness, a nonprofit organization that operates
programs assisting people without homes, to conduct an evaluation for presentation to
philanthropists who have donated to—or might donate to—the nonprofit. Being an expert in the
program evaluation field, you suggest to the nonprofit that a logic model could provide a
demonstration of what the nonprofit does and how it impacts the community. Explain to the
nonprofit the steps taken to create a logic model. Include an explanation of how each step of
logic model provides insight and purpose for each part of the organization. Create a possible
logic model for the organization based on activities such as providing shelter, food, clothing, job
training, and childcare to those without homes.
4.A member of Congress who chairs the congressional committee that funds Medicare is
interested in the effectiveness of a new weight control medication that the Medicare program has
just begun covering. Of particular interest is the change in the health of recipients of the new
drug after six months and after twelve months. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
has retained you to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of the medication when given to
Medicare patients and prepare a report that can be used to report back to Congress. Identify some
of the threats to validity that might arise from the design of such an evaluation and how you
might overcome these threats.
5.A Florida school district wants to know if a service-learning program would successfully
engage otherwise uninvolved youth in order to improve their attitude toward community service.
Depending on the results, they will implement a mandatory community service requirement for
graduating seniors. They are currently planning on letting students voluntarily sign up for service
learning. Draft a proposal explaining why a randomized controlled trial is a more appropriate
evaluation method, as opposed to simply letting teens sign up for the program—addressing
validity issues, costs, and what form of randomization would be most appropriate to meet their
6.Legal Services for D.C. Prisoners is a nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of
prisoners who lived in Washington, D.C. Recently the Federal Bureau of Prisons adopted a
policy to place D.C. prisoners in federal prison facilities located throughout the country. As part
of an effort to evaluate how the nonprofit can advocate on behalf of prisoners and their families
affected by this policy, you have been hired to create a survey. The survey will be distributed to a
sample of families in the D.C. area. The goal of the survey is to find out what the main concerns
of the family members are and how the nonprofit organization can adjust its activities to better
carry out its advocacy mission. Explain what steps you will take to create and administer the
survey. Include examples of survey questions, identify the population from which you will
sample, explain how you will obtain a proper sample, and describe how you will ensure the
validity and reliability of the data gathered.

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