financial impacts of each option, management homework help

The paper itself should be no longer than 4 pages. Focus on the financial impacts of each option. Other areas that business cases can look into: Economic Structure or PESTEL, Five Forces Model, Driving Forces, Key success Factors, Current Strategy, SWOT, Financial Analysis, Strength Assessment. The appendix should be 10+ pages with charts and everything included. I included some extra literature I researched on the topic.

PREPARATION OF WRITTEN CASES Written case assignments are to be prepared on an individual basis unless group work is approved. It is expected that the content of your written case reflects your thoughts and analysis rather than the work of others. The nature of each written assignment is indicated on the Schedule of Class Activities. The criteria for grading written case presentations include:

1. Evidence of ability to size-up the organization’s situation and to identify key problems/issues.

2. Use of appropriate analytical techniques, sound logic, and well-supported arguments in evaluating the organization’s present condition and future prospects.

3. Evidence of ability to formulate realistic and workable recommendations for action.

4. Thoroughness — both (a) scope and coverage, and (b) depth of analysis.

5. Evidence of ability to use good communication skills (including the use of charts, tables, graphs, and figures).

6. Evidence of adequate preparation, pride of workmanship, and display of professional attitude and approach.

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