Florida National Effects of Substance Abuse in Pregnancy Paper

Nikki is a 17-year-old G1 P0 at 33 week’s gestation. Nikki comes to the clinic today for her prenatal visit and you notice that her hair and clothing have the distinct odor of marijuana and tobacco smoke. You directly ask Nikki if she has been taking any other drugs besides marijuana. Nikki is surprised by the question and denies it. When you explain that you can smell it in her hair and on her clothing, she starts to cry and says, “Please don’t take my baby away from me” After reassurance, Nikki further admits to sporadic binge alcohol consumption and smoking “pot” and cigarettes. She relates that she also consumes four to five caffeinated beverages per day.

  • Describe how cigarette smoking, marijuana use, binge alcohol consumption, and excessive caffeine intake can affect Nikki’s pregnancy?
  • What possible affects are there to Nikki’s baby from the maternal ingestion of these substances?
  • Describe the nursing care you would provide for Nikki.

Ojo More than three References, APA format double spaced. Make sure you use your references appropriately in the body of your paper. 5 Paragraphs.

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