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PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Getaway Holidays Reservation Database System Getaway Holiday Destination is a family owned holiday resort specially designed for group visits or couples retreat. The business was established in 1990’s by an Australian adventurist and travel enthusiast Mr. Edward Green. The Green family has been taking care of the business ever since. They have a dedication and passion towards what they have to offer to their guests and in order to do that, each and every member of the family work towards the maintenance and betterment of the establishment. The business is mainly aimed at the concept of providing the guests with actual adventures along with a great experience of a family getaway. The resort is situated in the middle of a huge land with natural diversities. It has a great country-side river and some gorgeous hills, not very far away from the city of Melbourne. The guests of the resort register with the business in order to put their reservation ahead of time as the demand is always high during the holiday seasons. As the registration and reservation process is maintained in the paper till date, they have to physically come down to the location and fill up a Client Registration Form provided in Appendix-A. As it can be seen from the registration form, the basic information about a client is kept on record so that they do not have to register again for any future trip they wish to book with the resort. As the resort provides different indoor and outdoor activities for the duration of stay, they are also concerned about the physical fitness of their clients. Any condition that a client may have can restrict the client from booking a trip with some of the activities. For example, a person with Acrophobia (the fear of height) should not be allowed to book a trip that contains an outdoor activity of mountaineering. The registered clients are targeted and sent different package offers and brochures highlighting the activities that the resort facilitates. A sample brochure is provided in Appendix-C for outdoor activities and a similar brochure for indoor activities is provided in Appendix-D. After being a registered client, one can book a package trip with his/her friends and family by completing the Client Reservation Form (Appendix-B). All the information in the form helps the resort to plan and execute a perfect holiday trip for their individual clients. The preferences of the clients are the first priority to them. What kind of accommodation they are looking for, how many guests they will be bringing along, what are the indoor and outdoor activities they will be looking forward to, these are the questions the need to be answered by the client in the form, in order to help the resort officials to make a decision and plan an entire trip. The resort has four different types of accommodation; namely the deluxe cottage (suitable for a group of 4-5 people), the honeymoon cottage (suitable for newly married couples), the deluxe accommodation with a double bed and finally the deluxe accommodation with a single bed. Each of the room in the resort belongs to one of the accommodation types. The rooms have unique room numbers and the level of the resort they are in. Also, there are connected rooms on each floor so that a group of friends can reserve two adjacent rooms when the deluxe cottage is not available. But the resort has the policy that one room can only have maximum of one adjacent room, for security purposes. Each of the accommodation types has a fixed rate per day which has to be paid by the client upfront along with the payment for food and activities. The price of a deluxe cottage is 120$ per day, the honeymoon cottage can be availed at the cost of 100$ per day, the price rate per day for the double and single bed deluxe accommodation is 75$ and 55$ respectively. The resort does not allow a client to pay part of the expenses upfront and the rest of the money upon arrival. Which makes the payment system a bit simple and straight forward. CSE2DBF (2020) – Assignment 1, Part 1 Page 3/8 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Focusing on the client preferences of activities, they are offered a group of indoor and outdoor activities and the activities are properly planed for a specific day of the stay and on a specific time so that the client can plan their free times with friends and family. The resort has many outdoor instructors, masseuse and swimming instructors who work on a part time basis. For the outdoor instructors along with the basic contact information, their fields of expertise are recorded. For the masseuse, their single qualification area (i.e. Thai massage, Therapeutic massage) is recorded. The outdoor instructors, masseuse and swimming instructors have their own unique ids and are maintained separately as they are overseen by different administrative team. Only a few of them are assigned a role of an Activity Supervisor who is in-charge of an indoor or outdoor activity for a specific time on a specific day. The Activity Supervisor is responsible for the safety of the guests. At least one activity supervisor is assigned for each activity on a specific day of a trip. There are some discount schemes available for the clients who bring more business to the resort in order to increase their level of satisfaction. If a client books a second trip in the same year, he/she is offered a discount of 10% on the overall price of the second trip. Then again, if a client books more than two outdoor activities in the same trip, they are offered a 15% discount on the price of the outdoor activities combined. Also, if the length of a trip exceeds 5 days, the client is offered a 5% discount on the overall stay. The business owns a lot of equipment for these outdoor activities and they also maintain some of the information about this equipment and their suppliers. At present they have about 100 sets of mountaineering gears, 15 rafting boats, 10 sets of bungee jumping ropes and safety gears, about 5 large air balloons and so on. They arrange inspection of these equipment on a regular basis and based on the report on their condition they order for new ones to be built and delivered by the suppliers. As for the suppliers, their business name, contact person details, contact number and biller code are recorded for administrative purposes. Information about the activities are kept in the records as well. These include, the name of the activity, their description, risk level and cost per day. Also, there are some information which are specific for indoor activities which are mentioned in the brochure. It is to be mentioned that the activities in the brochure in appendix C and D are sample set of activities only. The resort offers a much bigger range of activities to the clients. The business is growing day by day and the family is facing difficulty keeping record of all this information in physical files. So, Mr. Green has decided to migrate all the kept information into a Database management system so that online form submission facilities can be provided to the clients.


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