Governemnt contracts and law

Debate whether or not the offeree should let an offeror’s mistake within a proposal go uncorrected, even if such action would cause the offeror to withstand a loss. Suggest one (1) judicial remedy available to the offeror to prevent his / her loss. Provide an argument in support of your position.

This is what I wrote….I need a a suggestion for a judicial remedy. 

  A contract is a legal binding document which is viewed as a strict enforcement between parties to perform according to the proposal and or contract (General contract principles, n.d). The Source Selection Committee reviews and analyzes all portions of the proposal to avoid any shortcomings or a need of clarification before an award is given. There should never be too much room for mistakes in this particular field due to enforceable actions by law. But painstakingly, if the offeree is faced with a mistake from within the offeror’s a proposal it can be known as a unilateral or a mutual mistake (General contract principles, n.d). A unilateral mistake occurs when one party misunderstands either a term of the contract for some essential fact concerning the bases of the contract; a mutual mistake occurs where the parties share an erroneous belief concerning the basis for the contract. (General Contract Principles, p.2-11). As mentioned before contracts can be complex or lengthy and within reason mistakes do happen under both circumstances (General contract principles, n.d).

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