Grantham Chapter 7 Interoptic Saves the Planet Case Study Discussion

7.9 Case Study: Interoptic Saves the Planet

Should only take an hour or and half if your know what your doing. Can use an linux based IPS/IDS such as snort/ bro/zeek/ suricata.

Complete the tasks and answer the questions listed below:

  1. Was the alert true or false?
  2. Explain why the alert fired.
  3. Construct a timeline of alerted activities involving the potentially malicious outside host.
  4. Construct a timeline of alerted activities involving the target.


  1. Submit as a single word document named “last-name-casestudy79.docx”
requires to sign up with email – just use temp mail or something
Chapter 7 evidence is needed.

or I can email you the documents since the upload i want to upload won’t let me.

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