HIST1100 UOMC Early American History Declaring of Independence Questions

You are an American colonist living in Boston in February of 1776. The American Revolution has begun yet the American colonies have not declared independence. You just read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense advocating Independence and you begin to remember two separate sermons you heard the previous year given by the Tory ministers Jonathan Boucher and Charles Inglis arguing against independence. Afterwards, you begin to formulate your stance on American independence. Are you a rebel or a Tory? Is it time to declare independence from the British?

Required sources

1- Common Sense by Thomas Paine(you need to get it)

2- Jonathan Boucher’s Argument Against Independence(attached)

3- “a crack-brained zealot for democracy” by Reverend Charles Inglis (attached)

and additional 3 other sources of your choice

“total is 6 sources”

sources need to be well cited

see the attachment file Hist for more details

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