Assignment 9: HomeostasisGoal: Interpret DataIn this assignment, you will practice reporting and interpreting basic data on a case involving ghrelin and weight loss. Download the handout below to get started. Answer 10 questions in Parts II and III. Include answers to Part IV in your post to earn full credit on this assignment. Making graphs in Excel is suggested, but not required. Scan or take a picture/screenshot of your graphs.Some helpful tips:Example of error bars on a line graph (hint: add SE above and below each point):Independent variable = x-axisDependent variable = y-axisIf all else fails, try Google/YouTube for help with graphs.Grading RubricAttempted assigned questionsSubmitted answers to Parts II and III (20 points)Skipped at least one question (15 points)Attempted bonus question(s)Submitted answers to Part IV (5 points)Did not attempt Part IV (0 points)Total possible = 25 points

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