HR Assignment

Imagine you work in the HR department of an international company (construction company involves in building infrastructures such as roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, and other projects)This company is in the process of recruiting two employeesHeadquarter is located in MiamiThe job: a project manager positionThe job may need relocationThe assignment has two partsThe first part (5 points):You are tasked with conducting a job interview, so design a structured interview.Include your job-related and position-related questions that you want to ask in the interview. (at least 15 questions)Besides the job-related questions, do a personality test to find which one is best!You can use the big five and the other personality traitsInclude your personality test question in your interview (at least 5 questions)Thus, your interview should consist of at least 20 questions.Preparing the interview questions is the first part of this assignmentThe second part (5 points):Imagine you have five candidates as follows:A disabled man:  needs a special elevator, difficulty with relocation, somehow experienced, holding a Master’s degreeA Veteran, he was an assistant in some projects, very punctual, knows rulesA fresh graduate, she is young, energetic, no significant experienceAn experienced lady with three kids, no academic background, not able to work on Sundays (religious reasons)A middle-aged man, not good background check (e.g., involving in a robbery) but very experienced and skillfulWhich two candidates will you pick and why? Explain your reasons.

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