HS415 Environmental Health

Unit 5 DiscussionSubscribeDiscussion OverviewPlease review the Discussion Board Grading Rubric in the Course Resources.Each Unit, you are required to post one (1) initial response and two (2) replies to your peers and/or Professor. Your initial response should be at least 150 words and contain a reference list for the sources used to support your response; the word count minimum excludes the references. The responses to others should be at least 75 words each. Please be sure to cite all of your sources in APA format in accordance with the Discussion Board Grading Rubric.Discussion QuestionBy Saturday of Unit 5, each team member should attach their completed section of the presentation, including speaker notes and oral voice recordings, to their team’s thread in the Unit 5 Discussion.This will serve as your initial post. Please include a brief summary of the contents of your presentation. For the peer replies, download your teammate’s presentations and preview their section. Provide any constructive feedback for improvement.Any changes to the presentation need to be made and uploaded to the team folder in Google Drive by 11:59 pm ET on the Sunday of Unit 5 to give the moderator time to compile the presentation. Individual late submissions will not be included in the team presentation and will be assessed separately.Rubrics25 point Discussion Board RubricStart a New Thread

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