HU245 Ethics

Unit 8 DiscussionSubscribeDiscussion OverviewIn this unit you are exploring questions related to honesty and loyalty. Both concepts are vital for maintaining professional ethics. Changes in technology have created new opportunities but also new challenges. The opportunity to publicly complain about one’s employer raises ethical questions regarding both free speech and employee loyalty. Educators continue to struggle against online cheating. These are some of the topics you will discuss in this week’s discussion activity.Choose ONE of the following to answer on this Discussion Board:A: Consider a situation where an employee posted negative comments about their employer on social media. If the company considered this an act of disloyalty, would firing the employee violate their Constitutional rights? In your response, consider the ethical perspective as well as the legal.OrB: Cheating is a form of dishonesty. Why do people cheat in education and business? What are some of the harms that come from these acts? In your answer explain why you feel the actions are unethical using ethical theory and/or reasoning.Return to Unit 8 Discussion InstructionsRubricsHU245 Discussion Rubrics Units 1-9: 40 points

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