HUMN303 Chamberlain College of Nursing Examples of How Pop Art Has, Indeed, Changed Society?

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The current world began forming right after the Second World War, which led to the emergence of new cultures as results of the interactions between cultures during the world war that so the formation of a more pronounced society. The mid-20th century also marked a hallmark technologically. It was the beginning of the science-technical revolution, which is also referred to as the information revolution. With the growing technology, information was readily available, which also enabled the quick spread of cultures. The drastic change in technology influenced pop culture.
Music as a form of art was heavily influenced by technology, availability of information, and interactions during the world wars, which led to the adoption of new sounds to the already existing music. For example, rock and roll became a favorite genre of music right after the Second World War with the emergence of performers like Elvis Presley and Bill Haley (Elmaleh, 2003). Rock and roll gained popularity during the information revolution, which led to its re-invention to the current sound of rock. For instance, the addition of sounds imported from other cultures around the world like the saxophone. However, these changes in lifestyle led to the emergence of new genres of music like, which have greatly influenced the art scene for three decades.
The change in pop art was as a result of the need for the artists to represent their everyday living in their various art forms. These changes are evident in multiple instances when artists tried using their art forms to change a way of social thinking as well as protest against various oppressions or things that didn’t represent the culture appropriately (Elmaleh, 2003). For example, during the Vietnam War, a vast number of artists came out to protest against the war terming it not humanitarian and lacked a proven cause of going to war.
Art forms are essential in the society since the help relay the message as well as document what the community is going through. Mass production of pop art allows it to become a form of art that can be used to shape society.

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    Olubukola,Your post has nicely sought to discuss culture, music and Pop Art. You also say: “Mass production of Pop Art allows it to become a form of art that can be used to shape society.”Can you give us some example of how Pop Art has, indeed, changed society?What’s your thinking?DocDavidson, L. Life Imitating Art: exploring the enduring influence of Pop Art, as mass culture and fine art continue their cyclical nature (February 28, 2018). We Retrieved from…

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