A matrix mapping of a key IT-related organizational (or personal) ethical issue concerning privacy and organizational policy designed to correct the ethical issue.The first step of this assignment is an opportunity to analyze a key IT-relatedorganizational (or personal, if you are not in the job force) ethical issue, related to privacy,subject to relevant laws, regulations, and policies.  Both of the following sites provide sources, and an excellent backdrop for issues relating to privacy protection and the law.See EPIC Privacy Issues at:  http://epic.org/privacy/  See List on left and/or:EFF Privacy at https://www.eff.org/issues/privacy  [see list below in center on this page].This includes sub-topics discussing information privacy, privacy laws, applications and court rulings (case law is usually an extension of the basic law based on the facts from specific cases and real-world court decisions), and key privacy and anonymity issues. While the sites provide many interesting topics, be sure to focus on our class IT topics.1.  Use the template below and the list of suggested workforceprivacytopics from one of the sites above to produce a matrix to:(a)map a key organizational ethical  issue and(b) tell how this issue is affected by laws, regulations, and policies.2.  Use the list of normative ethics below to help you complete the matrix. Choose any three (only three) of the following list of twelve (12) principles of normative ethics described below.3.  Prepare the Ethical Issue matrix (single-space in the cells) and include the following explanation (200 words) —double-space your narrative—below the matrix:Why I chose the dilemma;Why I chose the three principles; andAn analysis of the research used to identify the actions in the matrix.

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