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There will be an online essay project which will include 3 essay questions. Prepare and submit your essays to Blackboard. This must be turned into Blackboard to earn credit. 300 words per essay (maximum). You may quote other sources, including the textbook, but you may not plagiarize content without giving credit. You must write in your own words

Use The Africana Experience book and lecture to answer the following questions. Create an original essay using your own words. If you use another source, including the textbook, be sure to include quotes and a works cited. Any academic citation style is fine. Use 14-16 point font.

Question 1: In your opinion, how are sports players “insiders” and “outsiders” in American culture? Give 3 examples of sports figures who did outstanding exploits but were ostracized by American mainstream society. Be sure to use precise facts, dates, and statistics. Do sports figures have the power to change society as a whole?

2.Question 2: How do religious monuments, visual artwork, and religious items (not vocal music) reflect Africans and African Americans’ religious beliefs? Give 3 precise examples and explain. What role do women play in connection to religious monuments, visual artwork, and religious items?

3.Question 3: We have mentioned in lecture and in the textbook conspiracies as ways that the political and economic system has taken advantage of African Americans and Africans. Give 3 different types of political conspiracies involving African Americans and explain. What made African Americans vulnerable to this conspiracy? If you were a policymaker, mention 3 different ways to create a program for social justice.


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