I need a book summary

I need a 13 – 15 page summary of the book, “The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes and Pozner, 4th Edition.  In the summary, make connections with the book “The Wizard and the Warrior” by Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal, and the book “Lead with Humility” by Jeffrey A. Krames, which talks about the leadership style of Pope Francis. Make sure you specifically mention Pope Francis in the summary.

Also, read the information contained the follow document: Leadership Theories.doc
Include these theories where applicable in your summary.

Supporting material can come from newspaper articles, journals, etc. Your overall task is to examine the world class leader with respect to his or her positive motivation, authentic leadership style, how he or she led others and the context in which he or she led over time, e.g., military, government, industry, level of turbulence, risk, uncertainty, etc. You will use the 7 demands of leadership and the additional topic areas described below to frame your analysis, write-up and presentation of your chosen world class leader including his or her:

1. Vision

2. Mentors or Significant Others

3. Knowing Oneself

4. Making Sense of Experience

5. Maximizing Values

6. Building Constituency

7. Challenging Experience

In addition to the 7 demands above, you will also examine the following:

1. The leader’s full range of styles and what you view as their typical styles

2. How the leader treated direct and indirect followers

3. The nature of the context in which the leader led, e.g., time period, challenge, and opportunities.

4. What you saw as the leader’s top 5 strengths

5. How your leader worked with other leaders

6. The leader’s legacy

Objectives of this Assignment:

1. To apply the models of leadership learned in class to analyzing a chosen world class


2. To learn from the example of world-class leaders how to be a better leader oneself;

3. To share with your colleagues in class your insights derived from your analysis in terms of how to enhance one’s leadership potential; and

4. To make recommendations on how you would have coached your chosen leader to have a more positive impact on his or her constituency.

Outcomes of this Assignment:

1. A 15 page paper double-spaced in 12 pt Times Roman with 1.25 inch margins

2. A 20 minute presentation in class based on your paper to be done in Block III


Please, select a leader that has had an impact on at least 1 million people and for whom there is a top quality biography written. I would prefer that auto-biographies to be used for this assignment. The challenges will be team-based: for each task, a team will prepare one or more members to represent it in a leadership simulation. Grades assigned to its representatives will be shared equally among all members (i.e., you get what your representative gets).

5. Writing the sources in Chicago style. 

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