I need help with a business and finance assignment

Please see attached Official financial statement for an educational project and make PowerPoints presentation slides descriptions, and how it was financed and payback. You need to highlight by marker were you found the info on the statement PDF copy and send  back to me with the slides. Also you need to write a paper from 2-3 page as summary of the information coved in the slides.

Again, what is required from is what I asked above. See the points and instructions below and attachments.

1)  The Project PDF that is going to be used is attached.

2)  You must do PowerPoints slides. (The piece of information in the statement should be copied and paste on the slide to show where you found the answers on the PDF statement.

3)  You need to highlight by marker were you found the info in the statement PDF copy.

4)  You need to write a paper from 2-3 page as summary of the information coved in the slides. (Professional essay or report.)

5)  90% of information can be found on the summary pages and description pages on the Official financial statement

6)  Summary of my lectures is attached for you to understand and use.


In-Class Presentation


Fall 2015

Purpose: This project will involve roughly a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation by each student on the financing of a specific capital project for a State or local government.

Project Components: This project should cover the following information that you can identify:

1)  A description of the project.

2)  When it was built.

3)  The sources of all financing (cash, debt, other levels of government);

4)  How much cash and/or debt was used.

5)  What pledges of security were provided?

6)  Was the debt rated and if so at what level?

7)  Was the debt insured?

8)  Who was the underwriter?

9)  How many tranches of debt were issued?

10)  Were any bond premiums or discounts received?

11)  What was the maturity of the debt?

12)  Other pertinent information. Point to make sure you cover it.

·  Types of capital (Operating budget, Capital budget) Is operations and capital needs?

·   Reasons

·   Facilities

·   Funding options such as by “grants, loan, debt, bonds, etc.”

·   Who will build, Who will own, and Who will operate,

·  Principle amount,

·   Term

·   Type of debt. Debt service, Maximum Debt outstanding, and Debt limit. Is it PAYGO? PAYGO vs Debt, (General Obligation and Revenue Bonds), Debt Policy, Debt Service and Coverage.

·   Interest

·   Process.

·  PAR value.

·   Amortization table.

·  Summary of Budget Cycle.

·   Finance team.

·  Bond Rating.

·   Trustee.

·  Pledge and Secondary Pledge.

·  Bond/debt

·  Is it Multi-Year Planning?

·  Time value of money, Taxable vs. Tax Exempt Debt, Fixed vs. Variable Rates.

·   The Relationship between Risk and Interest Rates.

·  Call Provisions.

·   Arbitrage.

·  State and Local Government Securities (SLGS).

·   Bond Ratings.

·  Credit Enhancements.

·   Creative Finance ,Conduit Financing ,Tax Increment Financing ,Bond Anticipation Notes/Tax Anticipation Notes/Grant Anticipation Notes, Public Private Partnerships etc. (Pleas look at the budgeting lectures summary)

705 PPT instructions.docx 
Budgeting lectures summary.docx 

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