I need help with management questions

1. A major benefit of the hub and spoke system adopted by major U.S. airlines is __________________. (Points : 1)

  airlines can service more cities at a lower cost
  airlines can hire fewer employees
  airlines can save marketing costs
  airlines have more control over which passengers select their services

Question 2. 2. Tourism is an interesting sociocultural phenomenon due to_______________. (Points : 1)

  the idea that seeing how others live is interesting and exchanging sociocultural values is rewarding
  decrease in tourism
  decrease in domestic travel
  smaller family size

Question 3. 3. Travel is on the rise and expected to continue increasing in the coming years. Reasons for this include all of the following except: (Points : 1)

  Longer life span
  Increased cost of travel
  Early retirement
  Increased standard of living

Question 4. 4. Inbound international tourism can be described as ________________. (Points : 1)

visits to a country by non-residents of that country

visits by residents of a country to another country

visits by tourists of a country to their own country

Question 5. 5. Sustainable tourism is often referred to as ____________________. (Points : 1)

  responsible tourism
  tourism that requires the marketing skills of the local tourism organization
  an additional source of employment
  historical tourism

Question 7. 7. Approximately what percentage of many countries’ economies are engaged in service industries? (Points : 1)


visits by student groups

Question 8. 8. The largest lodging enterprise in the world is ____________. (Points : 1)

  Holiday Inn
  Intercontinental Hotel Group
from one city to

Question 10. 10. Which of the following is not one of the changes an airline traveler might experience? (Points : 1)

  Free Wi-Fi
  Time delays
  Enhanced airport restrictions
  Fewer refreshments on flights


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