Identify a potential project from your organization or from a community group for which you would like to complete a project plan.

Resource: Project Plan Overview and Preliminary Project Charter worksheet

Part 1: Project Charter worksheet

Identify a potential project from your organization or from a community group for which you would like to complete a project plan.

Complete the Preliminary Project Charter worksheet.

Part 2: Preliminary Project Plan

Put yourself in the role of a customer, client, or project selection board.

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper composed of the following sections:

  • Project Selection Criterion: Describe the project and the criteria used in the selection process.
  • Overview: The objective of this section is to provide an overview of the scope and nature of the project to help enable the team to select one project to work on for the rest of the course.
  • Preliminary project schedule: The objective of this section is to show a preliminary summary project schedule with the project tasks including the primary deliverables and the activities associated with them.
  • Preliminary budgetary plan: The objective of the budget section is to capture cost estimates, which include resources, capital expenses, materials, and miscellaneous. The cost analysis must consider the following elements (at a minimum): labor, subcontractors, rental or purchase of equipment or facilities, travel, telecommunications, supplies and materials, and documentation. The output for this step is called project funding requirements.
  • Format your project plan using any standard project management application, such as Microsoft® Project. The software you select must be viewable by all team members and the instructor without downloading any software.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. The paper can use tables to communicate various sections. The tables can be within the main body of the paper even though APA guidelines normally require them in the appendix. Note: do not send me 6 files (or whatever the number is) and say “here is our assignment”…there should be a “master” file that incorporates all the tables, etc. This way I can have everything in one single location.

I do need however a seperate file for your project plan (i.e. the .mpp MS Project file) so I can view/manipluate it myself vs a static screen shot in your “master” file. All that being said I should see three attachments for the assignment: The .mpp file, the Project Plan, the Project Charter Worksheet.

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