IDIS302 Baltimore Application of Ethical Egoism & Ethical Relativism Case study Paper

please write this case study paper in MLA format 12 point times new roman double spaced. Please make it at least 4.5 pages +.

Here is the instructions the full assignment will be sent with the login once question is assigned. it is not difficcult and please be detailed.

IDIS 302

Case Study #1

Due: June 17, 2019 before midnight

Choose only one case!

Application of Ethical Egoism and Ethical Relativism

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully and follow precisely!
Choose a case study from among the five case studies attached. Read your case study carefully and then follow the steps below in writing your second case study assignment.

Note: Do not repeat the case study nor summarize the case study.
1. Identify the ethical issue in the case and explain why you think it is an ethical issue and not a

legal or policy issue only.

2. Moral Agent(s): Identify the person or persons you think are responsible for bringing about the ethical issue (moral agent), and explain how they brought about the ethical issue.

3. Moral Recipients: Identify the person or persons, who you think may be seriously affected (for better or worse) by the actions of the moral agent(s); and explain the consequences of the moralagent’s action on this person or these persons.

4. Define: Ethical Egoism and Ethical Relativism
Explain: Explain what you think an ethical egoist and ethical relativist would advise as the right

thing to do in this case and why.
6. Consequences:
Trace out the consequences of each theory as applied to the case.

7. Strengths & Weaknesses: Explain what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the ethicalegoist’s advice and ethical relativist’s advice. (See step # 3 for help on this!)

8. Your Position: Argue for what you think is the right thing to do in this case by following exactly the ABCD Guide to Ethical Decision-Making (found under “Files Directory, Sakai).

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