If you have a paid internship, what is the rate of pay


If you have a paid internship, what is the rate of pay?


Brief outline of your responsibilities at your internship.(I control the camera)


Discuss your progress toward accomplishing your internship goals.


What are some of your goals for the remainder of your internship?


Write a summary of an article from a trade publication dealing with some aspect of the industry in which you are working during your internship. Trade publications market to a specific industry. Examples of trade publications include Advertising Age (AdAge.com), AdWeek.com, Broadcasting and Cable (BroadcastingCable.com), Columbia Journalism Review (cjr.org), EditorAndPublisher.com, EventMarketer.com, MarketingToday.com, Mentoring.org, Online Journalism Review (ojr.org), Poynter.org, PRNewsOnline.com, Radio (radiomagonline.com), RadioInk.com, Radio World (rwonline.com), Sports Business (SportsBusinessDaily.com) and SportingNews.com. Find a trade publication relevant to the industry in which you are working. At the end of your summary, include an article citation in the style of either the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Modern Language Association (MLA).


Q1-Q4:write 50-100 words

Q5:write 300 words

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