Immune System

Immune SystemQ 1. a.  WHAT is the criteria for Immunizations – what type of diseases do we immunize against and why??Q 2. What is the current research in COVID – 19 vaccines : what are they made of, what do they aim to achieve when given, how many types are currently on trial for use ?Instructions:EXPLAIN THE CONCEPTS IN YOUR SIMPLE LANGUAGE, THIS IS A INFORMATIONAL WRITE UP THAT SHOULD BE READ AND UNDERSTOOD BY A NON SCIENTIFIC PERSON.DO NOT CUT AND PASTE from web sources, write your reportUPLOAD TO ASSIGNMENT TAB IN CANVAS This is part of your EXAM 2 scores.DUE BY 11 pm latest by Nov. 17th  LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE GRADED.Post on BOTH questions, give references in APA  format. Write up MUST be at least a page for each

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