In-House Corporate Cops: The Rise of Ethics and Compliance Officers, business and finance help

Week #5: Homework Assignment

READ: Chapter 13, 14

STUDY: Case Study 13.1, In-House Corporate Cops: The Rise of Ethics and Compliance Officers

WRITE: Based on the case study and considering topical knowledge derived from this week’s textbook and lecture material, write a two-page essay exploring diversity and ethics in business.  Ensure to address in your paper the following key areas 1. Briefly describe the legal environment of business. 2. Discuss an organization’s code of ethics. 3. Explain an ethical dilemma, provide an example.

SUBMITTED WORK: All Vista College student papers are consider academic documents and, then, are expected to adhere to professional writing standards (e.g., no misspellings, grammatically correct, well-organized) and APA formatting requirements (e.g., standard academic title page inclusive of all student, course, assignment, and professor identification information; section headings; page numbers; research sources cited in-text and end-of-document reference list; double spaced; 1 inch margins; 12 point font; prepared in and submitted as a MS Word document [.doc or .docx]). Your paper is expected to present a sound logic argument for your position, evidencing solid critical thinking.

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