In their suit against Samsung, Apple was awarded $1 billion in patent infringement damages. This is.

In their suit against Samsung, Apple was awarded $1 billion in patent infringement damages. This is ironic given Apple’s historic gateway into the personal computer industry.After watching the “Triumph of the Nerds” video clip, consider the external environment factors (political, social, technological, economical, and demographic) and industry forces (Porter’s five forces) prevailing at the time documented in the clip–both from the perspective of Xerox and Apple. Keep in mind that, at that time, Xerox was primarily in the copier/document reproduction industry, whereas Apple was in the soon-to-be personal computer industry. Additionally, consider the industry life-cycle stages.What statements can you make about the external environment and these companies’ respective industries. For example, what environmental force motivated Xerox to create PARC? In what stage of the industry life-cycle was Xerox and Apple, respectively? There are many other examples that can be gleaned from the clip. Requirements for this discussion are: 1) Post one statement as exemplified above, and 2) Reply to other‘s statement below by expounding upon their statement or asking a question for further consideration other’s statementXerox was smart enough to realize where the industrial trends were going and followed through to make the technology but they didn’t realize it the potential of it. They are honestly lucky to still be in business. In 1976 Kodak had a 90% market share of photographic film sales and even invented the technology used in modern digital cameras. But recently filed for bankruptcy because they refused to change their business to match the industrial trends and use the technology that they owned. I think it is important to realize Apple did step into a path that Xerox already made but that Apple saw the benefit of it. Xerox never truly produced their technology because they did not see it being beneficial. And for that we should be thankful to Apple. (I say this why typing on my PC).View Solution:
In their suit against Samsung Apple was awarded 1 billion

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