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International Business ( 2500 words)

The assignment will asses the following learning outcomes:

1. an understanding of a variety of international environmental effects on business.

2. an analysis of the impact of uncertainty on international business behavior.

3. Demonstrate independent learning in preparation for assignment.


using references to relevant theories, concepts and appropriately chosen empirical examples, discuss the following topics. you are required to answer all the parts of the questions. apply international business theories wherever applicable. use examples and situations to support your answer.

1. choose a company in the GCC involved in international operations.

a. critically asses its global business operation.

b. selects a country where the company has entered and critically analyze how the following environmental factors influence their business in the chosen country: social-cultural, technological, political/legal, ethical ecological/environmental.

c. critically evaluates the company’s motivating factors of investing abroad: supply factors demand factors, political factors and other factors.

The body of the report should be as shown below


  1. An overview of the subject matter of the assignment.
  2. Background of the chosen company involved in global operation.
  3. Statement of objectives of the assignment.

Use of Relevant Examples

  1. Using appropriate and relevant examples, in terms of specific international bussines operations.


  1. Analysis of the company’s global operation.
  2. Critical analysis on the environmental factors; socio-cultural, technological, political/legal, ethical ecological/environmental factors influencing their business.
  3. Critical analysis of the motivating factors of investing abroad ( supply factors, demand factors, political factors and other factors.


  1. Conclusions and recommendations must convince the reader that they jibe with the objectives of the assignment.
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