international organizations

Assignment 1 is a memo

You are the director of business development for the largest auto supplies company in your region of the United States. Senior management would like to expand operations and production globally within the next 12 months. Please write a memo to the senior management team discussing the 3 biggest challenges the organization would face when dealing with globalization. Would your particular organization face any special challenges on expanding abroad? What 3 lessons can your firm learn from other similar domestic organizations in your industry that have gone global?

Assignment 2 an article

International organizations can be seen as those without investment outside of their home country. Transnational organizations are more complex and may invest in foreign operations but have a central governing head; however, decision-making powers are given to individual foreign markets. As the head of ACME Computers in the United States, you wish to diversify your business strategies to transform from an international organization into a transnational organization. Please write an article for the company intranet, and describe the process from moving from an international to a transnational entity and how your organization’s business strategies will be affected by transcending national borders

Assignment 3 power point 8 to 10 slides

In the global economy, emerging markets are capturing market share quickly. Particularly among the BRIC nations (i.e., Brazil, Russia, India, and China), there is a rush for foreign investment to get these economies to grow. Please choose one of the BRIC nations and a U.S. company that you would like to expand into one of these countries.

In a PowerPoint presentation, address the following:

  • Describe 3 to 4 reasons why this U.S. organization should research (and perhaps invest in) operations in this country. 
  • How do you think the current organization of your domestic firm must change in terms of objectives and strategic plans to be successful in this new market?


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