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INSTRUCTIONS: Please RESPOND to this answer from the Point of view as a student. Use credible sources and respond as if you are a manager of a marketing agency. Tell this student what your marketing agency would think of each of these answers from a Management perspective in about 4-5 paragraphs:

When pursuing international business, I think the most dangerous and risky thing a manager can do is not develop a global mindset. If a manager keeps a self-centered view, they will potentially ruin existing business prospects and lose out on future business prospects. However, there are tactics that can develop a global mindset, versus an individual.

·Travel: this may seem obvious but I think that individuals, especially managers or upper management can easily fail to take advantage of the opportunities to travel and truly experience a location or culture. When I studied abroad in Germany and traveled around Europe, I committed to never taking a taxi, which forced me to utilize public transportation. I encourage everyone to do so, as I felt that I was able to experience so much more of each country that I was in. This exposed me to different experiences and cultures, which broadened my worldview.

·Teams: “This tactic involves the formation of teams composed of members from different cultures,” (Carpenter and Sanders, 2008, p. 228). This exposure to diverse knowledge can perpetuate better ideas and solutions, since people with different backgrounds and experiences will increase the contributions to the team as a whole. Someone who grew up in Orange County, California is more likely to have different background, experiences, and ideas as opposed to someone who grew up in Moscow, Russia.

·Training: To develop a global mindset, training is required. This type of global knowledge is not acquired out of thin air, but must be transferred through knowledge of people who have a global mindset. Expecting an employee to completely understand international customers without training is unrealistic.

·Transfers: This tactic is “the most effective – though most expensive – tactic for developing global leaders,” (Carpenter and Sanders, 2008, p. 228). The best way to develop this global mindset is to immerse employees by placing them in the international locations and providing them with support and resources to successfully complete their job. There is a difference between attempting to complete an assignment in a foreign country when you are in the US versus when you have been living in that country for the past year. There is knowledge, culture, habits, and experiences that only can be obtained by fully immersing into a country.

NG is focusing on expanding their global operations and recognizes that local offices must be established in foreign countries. It understands that a stronger level of trust, efficiency, and knowledge can be established through these foreign offices. NG also focuses on developing a diverse workforce and greatly recognizes the contributions of its diverse workforce. If a company wants to pursue international prospects, it must develop a global mindset through travel, teams, training, and transfer of personnel.


Carpenter, M., & Sanders, W. (2008). Strategic management: A dynamic perspective–integrated StratSim simulation experience. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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