I need 670 original plagiarism proof words total broken down by 350 word for the introduction & 320 words for the conclusion. I need 2 references for the paper. The company is STARBUCKS


Write a
1,900- to 2,100-word paper using the organization you selected in Week One. Address
the following:  Examine at least four (4) processes that the
organization uses to determine process performance in its daily business.

Examine at least four (4) of the organization’s
stakeholders and how they affect the business processes.

Identify and describe at least four (4) performance
measurements from your readings that can be used by this organization and
describe why these are important to the organization’s success.

Each topic/bullet above and sub-bullet should be
balanced between topics and sub-topics. 
Subject headers and sub-headers should be used to make it easy for me to
find each topic. 

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