ISSC323 American Military University BIOS and CMOS Including Floppy Driver

Assignment Instructions

In this activity you will practice support tasks related to the BIOS and CMOS.

1. If your computer has a floppy drive, configure the CMOS data to disable it. Attempt to boot from floppy. Re-enable the floppy drive. If you do not have a floppy drive continue to question 2

2. Change the boot order so the computer tries to boot from the following: CD-ROM, hard drive, floppy drive (if you have one). Report results, discuss issues

3. Test your work by inserting a bootable DVD/CD in the drive and a bootable disk in the floppy drive. Your computer should boot from the CD drive. You may need to create one if you do not have one handy.

4. Shut down your computer and disconnect the mouse. Boot the PC. Does your PC report any beeps or numeric error codes? If so, which codes? If not, why not? This applies only for PS2 mice. Explain what is the difference when you have a USB mouse and why.

5. Attach the mouse and shut down your PC. Disconnect the keyboard and mouse, and plug them back into the wrong ports. Boot your PC. Does your PC report any beeps or numeric error codes? If so, which codes? If not, why not? Again, for PS2 mice. Explain what occurs with USB mice

6. Shut down your PC and connect the keyboard and mouse to the correct ports. Boot your own PC. Report any results for PS2 and USB

7. Does the BIOS screen have any security? If it does, what issues may be encountered? How can you overcome them? Research and provide two solutions

Answer the above questions in a Word document of at least 500 words and post to the assignment area.

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