ISSC343 CTC Wireless Communications in Business Discussion

Topic 1: Wireless Communications in Business

Wireless technology can offer businesses more flexible and inexpensive ways to send and receive data. List the advantages of using wireless communication in business.

Learning Objectives Covered:

  • List the advantages of wireless communications for businesses.

You will:

  1. List the advantages of wireless communications for businesses.


  1. The initial post should be a minimum of 250 words.
  2. Attempt to post initial response by Wednesday.
  3. Attempt to post three days during the week (for example: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).
  4. Each of the two minimum required peer posts should be around 100 – 150 words (minimum). No one-liners please!!
  5. Use of significant detail (utilizing textbook, web, etc. for sources) and appropriate grammar.
  6. Also, remember to include (if applicable) supporting references in APA format and citations from those references within the body of your discussions, properly formatted using APA style.
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