IT Security Risk Assessment

Topic: IT Security Risk Assessment

  • Introduction (Minimum 500 words)
  • Steps to Completion
    • Review the Setting and Situation (Minimum 1000 words)
      • Identification and Authentication Controls
      • Authorization Controls
      • Data Security
      • System Security
      • Physical Security
      • End User Security
    • Examine Background Resources (Minimum 250 words)
    • Prepare the Risk Assessment Plan (Minimum 500 words) ( )
      • Purpose of the assessment.
      • Scope of the assessment.
      • Assumptions and constraints.
      • Selected risk model and Analytical approach to be used.
    • Conduct the Assessment (Minimum 250 words)
    • Identity Needed Controls and Programs (Minimum 250 words)
    • Communicate the Overall Findings and Recommendation (Minimum 250 words)
  • Deliverables (Minimum 500 words)

Need to focus on while working on this topic:

  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities associated with information systems and assess their risks.
  • Formulate the appropriate security controls to address the identified threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Communicate to employees an awareness of security issues related to IT systems.
  • Evaluate organizational information systems to insure they protect the privacy of users and of customers.
  • Determine requirements for business continuity/disaster recovery plans and backup procedures.


Ross, R.(2014). Security and privacy controls for federal information systems and organizations.NIST Special Publication 800-53. Retrieved from

Swanson, M., Wohl, A., Pope, L., Grance, T., Hash, J. & Thomas, R. (2002).Contingency planning guide for information technology systems.NIST Special Publication 800-34. Retrieved from

Wilson, M. & Hash, J. (2003).Building an information technology security awareness and training program.NIST Special Publication 800-50. Retrieved from


  • Need minimum 3500 words
  • No plagiarism please
  • Need in APA format (12” Times new Roman)
  • Need power point presentation (Minimum 21 slides and notes for the slides)(Title and Reference pages not count)
  • Need outline
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