Jackson State University Exploring Positions in IT Disciplines Paper

Exploring Positions in the IT Disciplines

The field of information technology is composed of a wide range of sub-disciplines, including analytics, cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, networking, project management, software development, and many other specialty areas. As information technology evolves, new areas with corresponding career opportunities emerge providing a plethora of options for the IT professional. In addition, it is highly likely that there will be new jobs created over the next several years related to technologies that do not yet exist!

In this assignment, you will select at least two sub-disciplines within IT to explore, using sources listed in the studies, Capella library, Internet, or other sources to which you have access. For each area, focus on crafting the following:

  • An overview of the two selected sub-discipline areas that includes definitions and lists areas of IT that each sub-discipline addresses. For example, if networking is selected, some areas may include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), communication protocols, network design, or other sub-discipline.
  • In each of the two sub-disciplines selected, search for and find at least three jobs that are in demand in that sub-discipline (six jobs total), with the typical skills, abilities, and experience required for each job. These jobs should include positions you are interested in, and may like to pursue at some point in the future. Compare and contrast the requirements needed for the three positions within each selected discipline, considering both the technical and non-technical skills needed.
  • Next, compare and contrast the skills need for positions between the two disciplines. Describe how technical and non-technical requirements vary, and explain why differences or similarities may be justified by differences in the sub-discipline itself.
  • Also, describe any differences in geographical demand for workers in the two sub-disciplines, and any cultural differences among position requirements if located in different countries or if applicable.
  • Which of the sub-disciplines that you selected is more appealing to you as an IT professional? How likely are you to pursue a career in that area?

Capture your results in a concise, well-written 2–3 page document. Feel free to include tables or other illustrations that support your points. Be sure to cite the sources you use to inform your exploration of the two sub-disciplines, as well as the six positions you identify and analyze.

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