Lab 127 DAY 3

PLEASE READ THE LAB20-24 very carefully IF. ANY Questions PLEASE GET HOLD OF ME!!!!!!!Written Laboratory ReportYour lab instructor will provide the due date for your report. You are welcome to submit your report before the specified deadline.Your complete Written Laboratory Report must be submitted through Blackboard. The written report must be typed, with the exception of Table 1.The Written Laboratory Report will comprise three or four pages (see below). However, all pages much be submitted together as one file.• Page 1: Complete Table 1 (attached). Table 1 is the first page of your written report.• Fill in the code number of your unknown culture, along with the genus and species name of the organism you identified. Use correct nomenclature.• Record your observations for cell morphology, streak plate, colony morphology and oxygen requirement on Table 1.• Page 2: Prepare a typed, summary table (call it Table 2) that has three columns.• Column 1: List all staining procedures and biochemical tests you performed. Write out the full names of the staining procedure and biochemical tests.• Column 2: List the result you obtained (+ or -). Use special notation, such as +/+, +/-, -/- or A/K,H2S,G, etc., for carbohydrate fermentation tests and TSIA test results.• Column 3: List the standard result for that procedure or test from the Biochemical Test Student Database using + or – notations. Use special notation, such as +/+, +/-, -/- or A/K,H2S,G, etc., for carbohydrate fermentation tests and TSIA test results.• Page 3: A one-page discussion. Your report must include a one-page discussion and interpretation of your results.• Be sure to address all of the following:a. Your strategy; and why you chose to perform or not perform certain testsb. How the results helped you come to a conclusion about the identity of the bacteriumc. How you explain any differences between your results and the standard results for this species• Limit the discussion to one page in length. The discussion must be typed, using 10 font, and single-spaced.• Page 4: Attach your revised dichotomous key, if applicablePLEASE FILL OUT PAGE 5 ( it’s the very last page of labs20-24)I downloaded my dichotomous key, Doc5 is my unknown culture, Streak plate & anaerobic growth and gram stainEvaluate and interpret the biochemical test results for your unknown organism.NOTE: You only need to view the biochemical test results of your assigned unknown organism. (that is the organism 102 reults

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