Leadership in Organizations, management assignment help

Dear, thanks a lot for your great work. this is the professor comment about your work, could you please fix it

you can add one more page in the end and add the professor comment between chapters.

the book review most be less than 12 page

“I scanned through your paper and found the description of the book to be very thorough and detailed. That is good. Your opinion of the book is ok, but in comparison to the quality of the description of the book, it is pretty light. I also would like to see much more emphasis on how this book can or would be applied. Specifically, I would like to see an example of a past situation or a possible future situation and how you would apply what you learned from the book to better handle the situation.”

also he said:“Two things that I asked for this assignment were: your opinion of the book and why, and also how you would apply what you learned from the book. I am looking for what you thought about the book and to cite examples that support that opinion. I also want to see examples either from a past experience or something you anticipate you may face and how this book will help you to better handle that situation.”

could you please add the professor comment thanks

answer me please

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