LEO journal online Homework Assignment help

Homework #4
If needed – Login information will be provided to the selected tutor
Please follow instructions below carefully.

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This is the LEO Homework link. I know it may show some wordings about “Quiz/Exam” but it is not. It is the homework.

  Open and begin the series of questions. You have one attempt for the homework. Once you submit your homework I will be notified & will begin the grading process. After I grade each individual’s homework you will see which questions you had correct & incorrect.

  My feeling is that homework is more of a learning experience than a “testing” function. Therefore, be sure that you engage in the weekly Participation topic when you need additional help on any one question.

  Participation is key for our collaborative learning environment. Timeliness is also important. Get in early during the week to discuss homework learning experiences.

> Notes for completing the homework in the LEO system:

  >> general journal style problem

  >>> a text entry general journal is provided

   >>> there are enough journal lines for each general journal style problem

   >>> for credit accounts be sure that there is a right indent, use the space bar (about 5 spaces) if necessary

  >>> do not provide any general journal explanations

  >>> be sure to use proper general journal entry style such as:

  >>>> no dollar signs

  >>>> use commas where appropriate

  >> fill in the box(es) style problems

  >>> where there are multiple boxes/answers you must answer in the order that the questions are asked

   >>> if a dollar amount (in the fill in the box(es) question) is the answer then you must use a $ sign and must use commas. There are no (say again – NO) pennies or decimal values (do not enter any character except the exact answer, for example the “dividends paid were $1,000” you enter just the $1,000)

  >>> if the value to be entered (number to be entered in the box) is not a dollar amount use whole numbers only with commas.

> I am providing these detailed instructions because the LEO grading function is very exact in nature. It is like an IRS form, fill it in wrong and say hello to Ms. IRS AuditJ!!

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