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  • Manager Insight Reflection – Manager Insight Reflections are designed to get you thinking creatively about how to recognize, apply and effectively use the information you are learning in this course. As such, it uses various analogies and practical information in an attempt to make the content more clear. Your reflection should be 2-pages (single-spaced) in length and focus on the concepts presented in the corresponding Modules. Manager Insight 1: Individual Assessments… Follow the links on the course site and complete a few (3 or more) of the individual assessments (motivation, personality, communication, etc.). – I did it and the results are attached- Write a 2-page single-spaced reflection on your results incorporating the following information:

1.What did the assessments tell you about yourself (your attitude, work behavior, personality, perception)?

2.What do the results tell you about your ethical inclination(s), social responsibility?

3.How did the results compare with your perceptions of yourself prior to completing the assessments?

4.Based on the information learned so far in the course, what do your results say about your interactions with others? Ability to work in teams? Your communication patterns/preferences?

5.Finally, reflect on how you would be able to use information like this as a Manager of an organization (i.e. What does it tell you about how you might manage an organization – your planning propensities, your strategies, ? How would this type of information about others be helpful to you as a manager?).

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