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Discussion Answers Responses:

Please note in this assignment, your task is to post one response for each of the three answers from three different individuals. You need to refer to your answer and the files you read in the last assignment: “Marketing Seminar: Week 7-Discussion Question-“I love My privacy!”” and try to respond to each of the three answers I paste blow.

#1: Answer from Angela Jones

I feel that privacy is a big issue these days and does not seem to be getting much better. Companies are constantly finding new ways to track and monitor not just our purchasing habits, like in the past, but also monitoring our leisure activities and search histories. And while all sites do provide terms and agreements on the privacy policies, many are so hard to read and understand that many agree without knowing what privacy arrangements they have agreed to. But this lack of privacy comes with a trade-off of convenience in many circumstances, which we, as a society, have come to value over many other things, including, at times, our privacy. The ability to not have to re-enter a credit card number every time we shop on a particular site is a convenience we afford because of their computer systems being able to track and store our information. So, I do feel we should all be more aware of what information we are providing a company every time we land on one of their web pages and only consent to those things which are absolutely necessary. And we may have to give up on some of the things we have come to like, like targeted ads. I appreciate that when I see an ad now it is, most of the time, for something I am interest in. I realize this is because of my search history, and frankly still creeps me out a little, but I appreciate the convenience and targeted marketing.

I’d say the most used, and really only used app is Google. Just plain Google. I use Google for maps, to find a product, to find a restaurant, everything and anything I need. I just Google it.

#2: Answer from John Roames

Social networking sites store an incredible amount of personal data that people are willing to give up for the cost of convenience. People trust these sites with their privacy without even reading the terms and conditions. The data collected can be used by companies to know how people shop and what their interests are. In my opinion, if people are willing to agree with the terms and conditions and give away their privacy, there is nothing wrong with using that data for marketing.

Nothing is absolutely free, and when it comes to social networking, the cost of privacy. Social networking sites are providing a service and get paid for the marketing information they provide. To continue to use the sites for free, people have to continue to give up their privacy in some form or pay money to use these services.

The app I use the most on my phone for information is Google. I used to search prices, read the news, get sports updates, and just about anything else. If I need to know what restaurant I should eat at, I use Google Maps to see what is close and read reviews. Because Google stores my search history, the app better understands what I am looking for. It cuts down my search time and makes my life more convenient. I am willing to give up privacy to make my life easier.

#3: Answer from Barbara Morris

Like the majority of us, I’m extremely concerned about my privacy. If we consider “Privacy” as stated in our dictionary as “the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people,” then I guess our privacy is constantly violated. In our today’s society, I think is almost impossible to avoid the violation of our privacy because whatever we go we are under observation. When talking about online marketing, I believe companies should always ask permission to use a person’s information or person’s opinions. I do not like when I check a product or a service online and then after few minutes; I’ll get a large number of ads of the same or similar products or services. I think it is annoying and I get disturbed by it. I go online, and one of my favorite apps is Amazon. I like that Amazon keeps my browsing history, but I would like for the list to stays on the website. In this case is my choice to keep my information flowing, but I hate it when they sell it to a third party. As one of my teachers used to say about free WI-FI: “if it’s free, your information is the product.”

*For each of your three responses, it should be around 150~200 words with your own ideas.

**Please note this is in a discussion board, so your wording should be less formal and when you point out someone’s problem, please be euphemistic.

***Please make sure the originality and quality of your work.

****I will attach your answer and the reading materials from the last assignment here for convenience.

Thank you!


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