Medical terminology

Translate the bold words into a simple story.Laura had just recently recovered from an automobile accident in which she incurred numerous injuries including greenstick fractures of her left femur, a slipped femoral capital epiphysis, subluxation of the pubic symphysis, chondromalacia patellae, and compound fractures of the tibia, fibula and calcaneus.Fortunately for her, there was no tendinopathy or ligamentous sprain of the upper appendicular skeletonand she had excellent strength in shoulder adduction bilaterally. This helped her ambulate with her crutches.Jim was anxious to meet Laura at the gym. They had shared many hours of rehabilitation and encouragement between them. Jim had been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and he was determined not to have a kyphoscoliosis like his father.Jim was also an aspiring body builder who longed for hypertrophic skeletal muscles. Of course, this level of desire compounded with his exercise regimen and previous medical history produced osteoarthritic changes in the vertebral column with the development of exostoses that increased his kyphosis.He was afraid of scoliosis occurring. There was no apparent exaggerated lordosis overall but there were signs of intervertebral disk herniations forming. While driving to the gym, Laura witnessed an automobile accident between an ambulance and a delivery truck. During the accident Laura experienced tachycardia. She could feel her own symptoms exacerbating and

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