MGMT370 Regent University Four Villains of Decision Making?? Discussion

As we begin sharing in our discussion, keep an open mindset for using the decision making techniques that we learn in our reading. Our books promote looking at opportunities in unique ways and discussion is a good way to start!

As you answer our dialogue each week, keep a focus on our learning objectives for this time. A question to bear in mind or answer for all of our weeks in dialogue is: How does this relate to our Learning Objectives and what did we learn?

As unique learners, each post could cover the individual’s understand of one of the objectives. Another student might write about a specific part of his/her reading that helps a classmate understand it better. This is learning together and certainly makes it more interesting!

Our concepts are viable in many different environments such as in your employment, leadership in your groups or church, or at home. Different roles that you play in your life such as being volunteer, being a friend or even a manager will provide many opportunities to use and sharpen your decision making skills!

1. Share a concept of your choice from our reading and explain it to your classmates. The purpose is to select something that affects you and others that you can apply. Elaborate upon the idea from your reading and how that it could be utilized in making decisions. For example, you could answer these questions: Did you identify anything from your reading that may apply to you from your past, present or future? Explain how you could utilize this idea.

2. In what ways or situations could the scripture from Timothy help in making decisions? For example, the King James Version states in the seventh verse that, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Questions to answer can include: How can this relate to or support us in making decisions? If you see that this has already been brought out in dialogue, what do other versions of the Bible say? What other Biblical scripture would guide you in decision making? For example, a basic one could be one of the Ten Commandments which guides us in choices.

Read: The Introduction and first chapter of Decisive, pages 1-32. This initial chapter of the book cautions us about four villains of Decision Making

  • Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan. (2013) Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and WorkU.S.: Crown Business. ISBN: 9780307956392
  • Harnish, Verne. (2012). The Greatest Business Decisions of All Timeby Verne Harnish & the Editors of Fortune, Forward by Jim Collins. New York. Published by Fortune Books. Print ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415 e-text ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415

200 – 300 WORDS

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